The laboratories of the College are equipped with highly Sophisticated Instruments. The details labs and the instruments given below.


The department has Machine Room, Pharmaceutics Laboratory I (GP/DP labs), Pharmaceutics Laboratory II (Unit Operation Lab) & Pharmaceutics Laboratory III (Micro biology lab) .The machine room is well equipped with latest machines generally encountered in Pharmaceutical Industry like Coating Pan, Hand Operated Single Punch machine, Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus, Disintegration Test Apparatus, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Deep Freezer, Mechanical and Sieve Shaker, Filter Press, Venturimenter and Orifice Meter, Friability Test Apparatus, Granules Drier, Capsule Filling Machine and Mechanical Stirrer.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The department focuses on training the graduate students on how to use the modern and new instrumental analytical techniques   such as HPLC, UV-Visible Spectroscopy, Fluorimetry and Flame photometry. Special emphasis is laid on the implementation of good laboratory practices and analytical skills. The department has a Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab I (Inorganic I Organic Chemistry Lab), Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab II (Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab), Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab Ill (Medicinal Chemistry Lab) and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab IV (Central Instrumentation Facility).


The Pharmacognosy lab is equipped with Projection microscope, Soxhlet apparatus, Clevenger's apparatus, Stage micro-meter and oculometers, Hot air oven together with many crude drugs, charts and models.


The Aseptic Room of Microbiology lab has facilities like BOD Incubators, Laminar Air Flow, UV Cabinet, Deep Freezer, Digital Oven, Incubators, Incubator Cum Shakers, and Bacterial Colony Counter & Autoclaves.The institute has well designed spacious laboratories equipped with ultra-modern facilities for imparting updated education and training in various subjects of Pharmacy.


A primary objective of Pharmacology is to investigate the fundamental aspects of molecular bio-regulatory mechanism of the cell and understand how the new drugs act for treatment of diseases. Toxicology examines toxicity and adverse effects of newly developed drugs, mechanisms of chemical agents and how they produce mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, teratogenicity and neurological disorders.



The institute has organized spacious audiovisual classroom in peaceful environment with comfortable seating and well equipped with LCD projectors, whiteboards, Wi-Fi system make the classroom learning & engaging for unique experience for all.


The institute is having a spacious and well-furnished library which is automated and rich with books of national and international publishers. Library provide books, journals, magazines and daily newspapers (both Hindi and English).Library also provides internet facility with online journals.

Central Instrumentation Room

For the research purpose, institute has created a laboratory with sophisticated instruments. For the quality analysis, characterization and testing of samples the lab has been established with modern analytical equipment.

Machine Room

The machine room is equipped with advanced machinery used in pharma industry like- tablet punching machine, ampule sealing and filling machine, tablet coating machine, capsule filling machine etc.

Other facilities are:

Herbal Garden, Computer Lab, Communication Classes, Hostel facility, Canteen, Seminar Hall, Transport facility