The Divine Group of Institutions would like to be amid the abounding organizations of foundations or educational firms to foster modern education.

We aim at providing excellent infrastructure and consummate academicians to build up an ideal environment for Research, Innovations, Learnings and Professional education relevant to the upliftment of society. We aim to ensure that students are delighted by meeting their aspirations through blended learning,corporate mentoring,professional grooming and healthy educational ambience balancing their course curriculum with motivational extra-curricular activities.

Establishing academic exposure to students via developing strategic relationships with leading firms and universities for research and academic collaborations.

Developing a scientific, transparent, equitable evaluation system for students to ensure an ideal certification process.

We tend to promote the creation of a healthy and vibrant sustainable society through creating a sense of welfare of citizens, women empowerment,community service and awareness programmes.


The Divine Group believes that apprenticeship is not alone important, it is the most important affair anyone can do with the activity and it additionally develops an allusive angle on life. We would like to be globally recognized as a Centre of Excellence for Research, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and disseminating knowledge by providing inspirational and problem-based-learning learning to produce professional leaders for serving the society.